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Joshua celebrating his gold medal with the Union Jack draped above him (Image: PA).

In October 2013, he was able to compete in his first professional bout. Since then, he has enjoyed a remarkable 22-fight winning streak. He has fought in high-profile matches, with record-breaking crowds, in which he has won three of the most important world heavyweight belts, the WBO, IBF and WBA.

His sport is what he credits for his positive attitude. He says that boxing "opened new doors for me, exposed my to new cultures and ways of looking." Although I grew up in a neighborhood where most of my neighbors were from the same backgrounds, I found that the gym exposed me to many more cultures and ways of seeing the world. It was almost like the United Nations with 15 languages being spoken in the small gym. It taught me to accept people as they are,IWC Replica Watches and I am able to talk to anyone of any background today. This is something that I did not have before.

Inner Strength

Joshua has never lost sight of the fact that boxing offers him new opportunities. His main focus has always been to be healthier. Joshua is very strict about what he eats and doesn't drink alcohol during training. He also refuses to take criticisms about himself. These reports are rare today, unlike those of other fighters. Tabloid reports that Joshua was seen in nightclubs and then fell out of them, and into a supercar with a Playboy Playmate on each side, are not true.

He laughs, "No, I've done that, been there." "I was a hard-core clubber in my youth. But I'm open about it. Before people noticed me as a serious athlete, I was in my 20s.breitling navitimer replica I had already calmed down by that time. Although people don't see me running around the town much, they are used to me.

Joshua has had a few run-ins with law, which are well-publicized. He accepts them as part of his history and doesn't feel ashamed or proud. They helped him change his life, bringing him to the title of world champion. "You know how some people want to be bad with guys? It doesn't necessarily mean that they are bad men, but they make mistakes and are imperfect." He shrugs. He shrugs. "So, yes, I made mistakes. But I was always willing and able to correct them." I was open to learning. That's why I started boxing, to develop myself.

Joshua is soft-spoken and thoughtful. However, he acknowledges that he could have done better in school with a more formal structure. He said that he preferred practical lessons and sports to school studies. This was me. I loved to get involved, but not to just sit still and speak.

"I wanted to be cool and fit in with everyone. I can recall playing the saxophone back in the day. However, I was embarrassed to take it with me on my walks through the estate. Back then, music lessons weren't correlated with being cool. My cousin used to carry the case for me, so I would pay him a pound. As you age and mature, you realize that real cool is not what others expect. When I say today that I am focusing on myself, that is what I mean. I don't care about whether everyone else is enjoying a lot of fried chicken five times a week. Although it may be delicious, it's not the right fuel for me and what I need.