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He laments the loss in community that he shared growing up on Watford's Meriden Estate with his mother Yeta, and his three siblings, despite a few teen mishaps. He readily admits that modern life can often lead to parents working multiple jobs or long hours.Replica IWC Pilot When he states that family dinners are not being shared anymore, he isn't judging. He also says that children are more interested in their phones and TV than they are in family time. He says, "It's difficult and I get that." "But it's hard and I understand that," he says. If I can share that message with others - the importance to stay close to those who care about you – then I'm happy.

Joshua is a star-filled child. He refers to his parents often as his heroes. They were the ones who helped him get back on track when he was off the path. He chuckles at the childhood envy of the child who had the nice sneakers or the girlfriend. These were goals he could achieve and things he could aspire to. "I would only look around me, not Hollywood or anywhere else. My dad was straight, honest, and hardworking. Many of his values have influenced me. My mum was quieter than my dad, and I only now realize how difficult it was for her. That is amazing and I admire her greatly.

Anthony Joshua celebrates with his parents his victory.

Joshua is close to his family, but he has expanded his horizons and found inspiration elsewhere. He believes everyone has a story that's worth hearing. David Goggins, a retired Navy SEAL and ultramarathon runner,franck muller replica watches triathlete, and distance cyclist, is one of his newfound friends. He is a motivational speaker. People judge success based on what they have, but Goggins speaks about the personal issues each person must face. "He doesn't care about physical appearances or material possessions and I can relate with that."

He cites Mike Tyson as his boxing hero, which is not surprising. He grew up in America, "the land of freedom", but as a poor, black child, he was sent to a correctional center at the age of 13 with 38 arrests. He learned to box here. He worked hard and became one of the top boxers in the world. I find him to be another example of the principle that "what you put in, you get out". To give yourself an edge and build mental toughness, everyone should be up at 4 o’clock in the morning.