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Joshua's mental approach has changed with his outlook on life and competition. "I can remember the Olympics. I had only been boxing for two and a half years. I tried to suppress the energy from the crowd. I now understand that I am there to help people enjoy boxing and that it is a sport that they love.

"I don't put pressure on myself. Although I feel some fear, you can be hurt in boxing, knocked down to the floor, or taken off on a stretcher. The worst thing is a damaged reputation. My brand is important to me so I train hard. Losing is the hardest thing. Mike Tyson lost to Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson lost to Sugar Ray Robinson. These are some of the greatest fighters ever, so it's safe to say I'm going through my entire career without history repeating itself.

When he retires, will he be tempted to get back in the ring or fight for MMA? He says, "I believe my heart would say yes because I'm fighter." "I would need to master boxing first,Replica Watches but I would consider giving it a shot. However, I have so much invested in boxing that it would be difficult to learn another craft. Would I be able to process it mentally? If the incentive was sufficiently strong, who could resist temptation?

Joshua is already planning for retirement, while many athletes wait until their sports career is in decline. He wants to be happy. He says that too many athletes don't feel content when they retire, because there is nothing to replace the excitement of competing. Joshua started AJ Boxing and Commercial while he was still enjoying the success. Joshua has also secured sponsorship deals with Beats by Dre and Jaguar Land Rover. He also launched a successful merchandise line. Joshua also invested in the exclusive BXR Gym in London, which offers top-of-the-line training facilities and the best coaches, equipment and trainers.

Two former Olympic boxers, Joshua Buatsi (left) and Lawrence Okolie (right), are currently employed by the firm. The firm may take on other fighters when Okolie's fighting career ends in 10 years.Tag Heuer Formula 1 Replica He says, "It's better to start sooner than later so that things can grow organically." "I don’t want to be in business where I’m trying to sell my products or show off my shows. I want to ensure I'm there for the next generation. I want to support the man who is breaking my records. I want to be satisfied with what I've done and to help others do better.

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Joshua is not materialistic, but it is evident that he has a passion about watches. This may be due to his teenage friend, whose style and swagger was something he admires. He says that he was able to buy luxuries while he was still young. "Most of us still bought our trainers off-the-market, but we all wanted that status symbol – the big-ass Gold chains or Cartier Santos our mate was wearing, all blinged out with diamonds. This is the path I took. The watch was mine when I bought it. I recall wearing it to an event once, and the guy asking me: "What the hell is this?" "A woman's watch?" I was shocked.